Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 6: Month of Gratitude

Zoey is grateful for...her library books. (I love how she sets up her photo shots every day. She even fanned out these books "just so" before taking the picture.)

Nikki is grateful for...those random moments when reminded that I am "Special Today".

Pazely is grateful for...her new light-up sock monkey snow globe.

A little side note:
I found myself starting to get involved with what my kids are grateful for. It's been interesting to see what they come up with everyday in our "Month of Gratitude" photo project. But it doesn't always make sense to me. At first I was like, "You're grateful for a toilet??" And I almost tried to take Pazely in a different direction--to give her some more meaningful things to be grateful for. I mean, seriously, a light-up sock monkey snow globe??
But, I decided to back off. I realized that, as long as the attitude of gratefulness is in them, I REALLY shouldn't be so picky about what they are thankful for. And of course the things that mean something to them are going to be different than what is important to me. I am now just grateful that they are grateful.
Just thought I'd share...


  1. do they take their own gratitude photos too, coz that would introduce a WHOLE other perspective too, wouldn't it? i'm lovin' your month of gratitude - maybe i'll do for one december seeing as i missed the boat this month!

  2. Yep--they take the photos themselves! At first I was gonna just use my big-girl camera for this project. But, I just was feeling rather possessive & nervous about little hands awkwardly holding my prized (& heavy) possession. So, we opted to use my iphone & an application that takes photos with a polaroid-like feel. They're not the best photos as far as clarity. But they have mucho personality, I think!

  3. Loving that monkey snow cute is that!

    sandy toe

  4. a toilet really makes sense to me...for real. just think about those places with out plumbing or places hit with disasters and the diseases and uncleanliness. when you think about it....we might just be the 'upper-class' of the world with our fancy flush toilets lol


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