Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DIY Mini Calendars

I recently reviewed a couple really awesome products from Etsy's XOapplesauce, & I'm so excited about this project!! 
These calendars are absolutely the perfect Christmas gift!! After purchasing the PDF, you can print as many as you like. Print, print, print for gifts, gifts, gifts.

The calendars have a blank area, where I let my kids go crazy creating miniature artwork. How special would grandma or auntie or papa feel getting this for Christmas?? It's quick, easy, & extremely personalized.
Pazely (age 6) created some tiny artwork on the mini printable calendar. All 12 months come printed on one sheet. I suggest keeping it all intact while you or your kidlet draw on it. Makes things easier for handling. Cut apart after the creating is done.

The 4x6 printable calendar became Zoey's (age 8) canvas.

I even got in on the crafty action & drew up some of my own.

Think of all the possibilities. Not only drawing with markers, crayons, colored pencils, ink, but embellishing with...scrapbook paper, stickers, stamping, ribbon, glitter, buttons!!!

Beth, school teacher & shop owner of XOapplesauce, suggests the smaller calendars can also be used for gift tags or scrapbooking.
Contact Beth to set up a custom listing, or simply browse her shop for these & many other instant printables, including teacher gifts: thank you notes & "from the desk of..." notes!!
Flat rate shipping provided for multiple orders!

The cases, which flip open & stand up, can also be purchased from Beth's shop. (Seriously, they're such a deal: The mini case is $1.50!) I love how they close up & store the calendars---keeping things tidy for wrapping or shipping off as a gift.

XOapplesauce even has a special offer for WhiMSy love readers!!
When checking out, just mention which items you want & that you found her shop via the WhiMSy love blog to get your discount!
(Offer good through November 15th, 2010.)

(This week also marks the 1-year Etsy Anniversary of XOapplesauce!)
**The printable calendars & one of the cases was given to me as a free product for review on the blog. All opinions of the item are true & not biased based on free offer. If it sucked, I'd tell you.*

Please support handmade this holiday!
And do some creating of your own!


  1. Love these! Thanks for the awesome gift idea - I bought some just now for my daughter to make for the grandparents!

  2. super idea for cristmas gifts, I love it!!

  3. These are great! I bought the 4x6 and I plan to make custom calendars that show our families birthdays and anniversaries (for the whole extended family) to give to my mom and mom-in-law (and keep one for myself too!) - what a great little custom christmas gift!


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