Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Month of Gratitude: Day 1 & 2

Day 1:
*Nikki is grateful for...quiet moments when I get to be creative & crafty. They are becoming more rare as life gets more & more busy. I appreciate them & am very thankful for those times when I do get them.
*Zoey is grateful for...her younger sister, Pazely.
*Pazely is grateful for...food.

I just joined the flickr group "A Month of Gratitude", hosted by Lisa of Polka Dot Cottage. I'm taking a picture every day in the month of November of something I am grateful for. Lisa & one of her son's are doing the project together & I thought it'd be fun to have my girls join along with me too! So, we are armed with my iphone & a polaroid-like application & are snapping photos every day. I'll be posting them on the blog here, but you can also click HERE for the whole set on flickr.
Come join in on the thankful fun!

Day 2:
*Pazely is grateful for...her mommy.
*Nikki is grateful for...the right & freedom to have a voice & vote.
*Zoey is grateful for...her mom.

(Total Nikki overload today! haha! And in all honesty, on Day 1 of our Gratitude Photo Adventure, Zoey told me she was grateful for me. I wasn't ready for a photo close-up though. I had no makeup on & I looked like poo. So, I said, "Why don't you be grateful for mommy on another day honey?")

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  1. Oh, now you were smart! I let my son take my picture when I was still half asleep and before my shower yesterday. I should have waited - today was a good hair day, LOL!


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