Saturday, November 27, 2010

Month of Gratitude: Day 24,25, 26

Coincidentally enough, the girls & I have been less vocal about our Month of Gratitude project right around this Thanksgiving holiday. Funny. We were busy on a trip! We hardly ever get out to take family trips, so this was a bonus for us. We went to Lincoln with some friends & spent the holiday with THEIR family. More about that later. But here are some thankful moments in our past few days. (The girls' grateful moments are sans photos.)
 Day 24:
I am grateful for...the chance to be with friends for a Turkey Day road trip.

Zoey is grateful for...Thanksgiving.

Pazely is grateful...that she was born so she could have a mommy & a daddy & a sister.

Day 25:
I am grateful for...a place. Just for me.

Zoey is grateful for...hanging out with new friends.

Pazely is grateful...that it was a celebration so we could have family & friends together.
 Day 26:
I am grateful for...a favorite moment rarely ever gotten anymore. A chai latte in one hand, crafty magazines in my lap & nesting in a cozy chair at Barnes & Noble. This is what heaven is like.

Zoey is grateful for...horses.

Pazely is grateful for...riding horses & jumping on trampolines.

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