Wednesday, November 3, 2010

REVIEW: Littlest Pet Shop Friends Wii Game

This review took a long time coming. Almost 10 months ago I received a copy of the Littlest Pet Shop Friends Wii game to review. Though I'm a little late in giving my opinion, I'm a girl of my word, so here goes...
Pazely, 6, is a Little Pet Shop fan! And, admittedly, I think the little LPS creatures are quite adorable myself. Zoey, 8, & Pazely, were thrilled to get their very own Wii game from Rocket XL, a PR agency in Los Angeles. They popped the disc into the Wii console & were immediatley taken into LPS-ville. The whole concept of the game is to plan a party. You run around town getting all the preparations finalized. Players get instructions & clues from th characters---which lead from mini games, to activities, to a whole load of other entertainment. I confess: I stole the Wii remote & played the game from beginning to end, not stopping until I had conquered it. My favorite games are the ice cream cone game & the cake game. 
Photos taken from HERE.

The girls' favorite part is getting to dress the characters in different outfits.
From a parent's view, I felt completely comfortable letting the girls play on their own---& they didn't need help from me, which was a bonus. What fun is a kid's game if the kid's can't figure out how to play it?
There's also a Nintendo DS version of the 'Friends' game. And if you're crazy about Littlest Pet Shops, there's also a virtual world where your kids can play fun games, customize their pets and decorate their pets’ home, connect with friends, and make new ones too! Go to to join. (It's free!)

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