Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Blues

So, the Cyber Monday sale has brought me the Tuesday Blues. I make & make stuff, & slash prices & yet the sales are very slim. And yet, I'll prolly sell more stuff in a few days---when things are regular price.
It always happens that way. Funny... 
So, I decided to extend the sale one day longer. Today (Tuesday) is the last day of the sale.

Vintage Button Rings are $7.00!
Bottle Cap Badges are $6.30!
Bug Catcher/Treasure Keeper Necklaces are $5.60!
(30% off EVERYTHING in the store!)

Enter this code upon checking out to redeem your discount:
Click HERE to start shopping.

The shop will only be opened thru December 12th.
(I won't reopon until January 13th!)


  1. I had meant to go grab a fwe items & then spaced.. thanks to your post, I jogged right over & sent an order you way :)

  2. I feel your Pain!! And I didn't even take part in Cyber Monday!

  3. Cheer up, Charlie ;-) Just snatched a couple of bug catcher necklaces for some lucky kiddos (well...one kiddo, and one mom of a kiddo who always receives little treasures from her boys throughout the day ;-) ) THANKS!


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