Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week in Review: November 1-7

I'm kind of afraid that my weeks are only going to be getting more & more busy as the holidays approach. That is both exciting & exhausting to think about!
I haven't even STARTED my Christmas crafting.
The shop is lacking & I'm really hoping to get it into gear this week!
Even though all our pennies are going towards a family trip back home to Washington for Christmas, I can't arrive empty handed & without prezzies for my family.
I think this will be the most chaotic holiday ever.
Can I just lock myself in my art studio for a week & not come out or be interupted?
Always lots to do. But I think I'm beginning to accept that this is just my life right now.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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  1. Yes and Yes and Yup! I have that same feeling. Every year I am sure I can handle it and be just a little more organized than last year and get it all done! Hmmm locked in an art studio. Wouldn't that be heaven? :)


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