Monday, November 29, 2010

Week in Review: November 22-28

Mostly my week was filled with happy times--& now warm memories--over Thanksgiving holiday.

And this weekend the pink Christmas tree went up. I surprised myself this year---by completely stepping away from the task of decorating & letting the girls attack the tree. I DID put the garland up at the very end. I know, that's backwards as far as the 1-2-3 Steps of tree decor go, but I was still crafting away & the girls REALLY wanted to decorate. Like, NOW! So, I just let them go for it. I'm not taking out many more decorations this year. Just the tree, & our stockings. Oh, & my favorite little s'more night-light. We are going to be leaving for a road trip to Washington on December 17th & my excuse is that:  it's so much work to put it all up if we're only going to enjoy it for such a little time. That prolly just translates to: lazy. But I'm OK with that. Not that we even have many more holiday decorations besides that anyway. Just a small hodge podge of items really.

I do love Christmas. And I'll really love it this year with my family! 
I'll also be meeting my biological father for the first time. And a sister or two & a couple brothers. And who knows who else will be there! I'm getting so nervous...

This week it's all about crafting, & holiday shopping & writing a Christmas letter, & shipping orders & dreaming about ways to make my favorite holiday even better...

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. Enjoy your trip! I've always wanted a pink tree-maybe next year:)

  2. um, i am a little frightened by your pitchfork picture ...

  3. haha! The pic with the pitchfork is my friend & my attempt at creating a spontaneous version of "American Gothic". Her head got cut out when the picture resized itself to the square format.
    Here's a link to a picture of it that my 8 year old took:


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