Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week in Review: October 25-31

Last week was one of the more busier weeks I've had in a while. Hence, the extremely late Week-in-Review post, which usually pops up here 'round Monday. Yikes.
It was all about the Halloween.
And the parties.
And watching Kung-Fu movies in festive socks.
And buying enough Halloween treats for 60 kids, when only 12 stopped by. Spider rings, glow bracelets & play dough a-plenty!
And pretending to be a graffiti artist, stocked with cans upon cans of glorious pressurized color.
And the Burger Battle & Burping Contest our church youth group, Connections, hosted.
And bonfires. And apple cider-makin'. And hot dog roastin'. And lantern lighting.
And writing. And working. And photographing. And connecting with old friends. (I ♥ facebook!)
And playing with new craft supplies while making an awesome slimy mess!
And jumping. And napping. And blogging.
And now I'm exhausted & trying to catch up.
For a photo play-by-play, click HERE.

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  1. We could have done with you sending us some of your treats
    as we ran out.


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