Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Month of Gratitude: The End

Day 29:
Zoey (age 8) is grateful for...the Wii.

I am grateful for...a playful heart.

Pazely (age 6) is grateful for...colors.

 Day 30:
Zoey is grateful for...her games.

I am grateful for...a chance at lunch out. (Especially at my favorite Chinese joint--Wonderful House.)

Pazely is grateful... that we have feet.

Well, this is the end of our Month of Gratitude photo journey. Hope you enjoyed peeking in. When I did this project, I didn't want to state the obvious: I'm grateful for my family & friends & my relationship with Jesus Christ & food & a home. Those are like no-brainer things. But I realized, looking back through my photos, that a lot of what I am grateful for are all the things that spoil me really: eating out, crafting, presents, alone time....Non necessities. But of apparent value to me as well.

What was REALLY interesting was seeing what my girls were grateful for. They made me realize how much I take simple things for granted. Like feet. And toothbrushes. And doorknobs. And toilets.
It was a challenge on some days to think of what to be grateful for. But it got me in the practice of thinking about these things "on purpose".

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And happy December to you all!!!


  1. this was an extremely cool project and I really liked seeing what your girls picked! Thanks for posting it!

  2. thanks for sharing your gratitudinal month with us nik! kids are always teaching us, aren't they?


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