Friday, December 31, 2010

Quick Party Drink Markers

Though this quick crafty accessory for New Year's Eve comes a bit last minute, I am stuck in Idaho on my way home to Nebraska after a lovely winter holiday with my family in Washington, & I'm trying to occupy my time in the hotel by passing the hours away with some creative fun.

Mr. WhiMSy love bought us some sparkling apple cider & plastic champagne glasses to ring in 2011 in our hotel room. And I was immediately inspired...

I have always loved the creative drink markers I've seen over the years. And I thought up a couple super quick, seriously easy ways to mark your drinks at a party-- (in minutes!)-- so your guests can easily keep track of which drink is theirs.

The first idea is to cut 1 1/2" felt circles in different colors. Fold the circle in half & snip a 1/4" slit. Fold in half the other way & cut another slit. Slide the stem of the glass through the felt circles & then snap on the bottom of the glass.

The other quick idea is to simply tear strips of fabric & tie them around the base of your stemware.

Happy 2011!!!
♥ Nikki

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  1. Great ideas and so simple... who'd a thunk? Well, you did! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Craftiness in a Hotel Room- you are truly inspiring! :0)

    Happy 2011!!!


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