Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shop WhiMSy love in Bridgeport!

I almost titled this post "WhiMSY love--in stores near you!", but that's not entirely true. It's one store. And it's prolly really, really far from where most of you are. But, still, I'm uber, super, deluxe EXCITED!!!

A good smattering of WhiMSy love items have made their way to ON3 Photography at 1013 Main Street in Bridgeport. The studio, which is being renovated, is gorgeous to the max! Warm colors, beautiful old tin ceiling, an artsy concrete floor & an amazing setting for taking studio portraits or getting yer prints framed.
A pretty rad place all around. HERE is a link to studio pics via ON3's facebook fan page.

As you walk in the studio, there is a sitting area on the right. (I call it "The Living Room"). My handmade items are displayed in the giant shelves facing this area. In fact, I sit in the little living room area--sipping coffee with the hubby, or doing crafty stuff--at least once a week.

I still need to do some tweaking.
Set out biz cards.
WhiMSy-fy things a bit more.  
  But I'm just so thrilled at the opportunity!
The owners, Laura Hedin & Randy Henry are my friends.
So stop by, say hi, & ooh-n-aah a bit!!



  1. Wow, what fun...wish I were close so I could visit!! xoxo

  2. That's for the constant inspiration! Keep Whimsying about. Those kits are coming to you soon. I've been busy at shows, being a mother and child care provider phew! I am looking forward to a bit of calm.

  3. It great to have items for sale in
    a shop. Our local florist stocks
    our cards and its a thrill to see
    them on display.

    Good Luck xx

  4. Great ring display - I like how you keep it all whimsical like your wares :)


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