Friday, January 28, 2011

Crafty Night!

I am soooo excited about Crafty Night! This month was the first time we were at our new location: ON3 Photography on Main Street in Bridgeport, NE. It is a gorgeous place.
How lucky am I??

I painted a banner for the happy event using a heavy canvas dropcloth & some black acrylic paint!
The sign was my favorite!!

The project this month involved embellishing gloves with felt flowers & buttons.

Between crafting, we munched! The treats were simple & tastty! Butter pecan mini cupcakes with pumpkin cream cheese frosting, sliced granny smith apples with a homemade caramel dipping sauce & parmesan/white cheddar cheese popcorn. There was wassail, bottled root beer & vanilla cream soda to drink.

Everyone crafted away, visiting, laughing, & having a rather swell time!
We had crafters, even non-crafters in the bunch! Our ages spanned from 16years old to a lovely lady
in her 70's!! That's just awesome. Period.

Here are some examples of our handmade efforts. My favorite part is seeing the different spin everyone puts on their projects.

There were also prizes given throughout the night...
1 - A candle cozy from Becky at Hopewell Creek Designs
2 - A finger knitted skinny scarf made by moi
3 - A felted ball kit from Annie at My Green Toy Box
4 - I stitched up a sweet owlie mug cozy from THIS tutorial
5 - So bummed that there's no picture of the awesome oatmeal colored hat that my friend Susan knitted!

I made favors for everyone to take home. Included were a vintage soda bottle cap badge, a 1" vintage fabric button & a paint swatch notebook. Remember those adorable little ditties?

 I stuck little button stickers on each notebook (24 stickers for $1 at JoAnne's). LOVE.
Click HERE for the tutorial.

 After the night was over, I lingered for a few hours. I even went out on the street & peeked at the banner one last time from outside. Eep!! It's so cute!!!
I couldn't be happier about my first Crafty Night of the new year. I am looking forward to next month. The theme for February: knitting!!!
Crafty Night is run by donations. I don't make any profit by doing this. I do it because I love making stuff & I just thought it would be fun to share that with others.
Be sure to visit the new Crafty Night facebook page HERE!!
And look for my giant prom corsage-like gloves in the shop soon!


  1. Ahhh Nikki I'm jealous, looks like you all had a great night! Your banner does look super.I really love that you do this once a month.I've always dreamed of owning an Arts and Crafts Workout Shop.I think everyone needs to exercise their crafty bones too.It was fun coming up with a prize idea,and I would like to do it again.
    Just got to get my thinkin'cap back on!

  2. You do an awesome job and your banner is adorable.

  3. I'm hosting my first craft night at my house today! I really hope I can get it going on a monthly basis, it's just fun to craft and socialize with fun people :)

  4. i've said it before and i'll say it again nik - they must JUVE LOVE U!!!


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