Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finger Knitting

In my happy knitting journey (which is only 8 days in the making) I just discovered how to knit with my fingers!

This link shows how:

And here's another link that shows a slightly different way:

It is so much fun & goes very quickly! I'm even teaching my 8 year old.

(Excuse the incredibly tacky material on the sofa as seen in the photo above. I'm at a hotel for a few days with the fam--enjoying some time together at a winter retreat for pastors. )
♥ Nikki

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  1. R U sure about the link???

    Thanks ...

  2. Hi Nikki, The link takes me to a youtube page with many videos. I want to see exactly the one you are posting. Can you send me the link again? This looks like so much fun! Thanks!

  3. Hooo boy, you are going knit crazy, lady!!! Don't worry about the materials together... it all looks so retro, which fits right in with your ttv photography.

  4. Hello!
    Seems great, but the link to youtube doesn't work.

  5. Cool! I used to do something very similar to this when I was younger, only I used those loops you use to make potholders and stuff. I have a whole collection of bright neon-colored bracelets, choker necklaces and headbands from back in the day!

  6. Actually that upholstery and your knitting are quite co-ordinated! I can see you're loving the knitting journey. If you want something else to do with your wool (that the kids also will love), just google "wool octopus". No knitting involved but a great activity. I did it at MOPS last year and it was a runaway success. We even repeated it by request at our carers thank you day. I hope you enjoy it! love, Amanda

  7. Sorry about the link! I changed it & it should be good now! I even added a second link for a slightly different style of finger knitting.

  8. That looks great! It seem like that would be a good travel project- I am looking for things to keep in the car for when we get stuck waiting places. Thanks for sharing.

  9. so cool. I did it with my 4 yr. old today. I weaved and she pulled over her fingers. we made a bracelet and a belt/scarf. what else can you do with them?

  10. I've been doing this since 2nd grade!! :)


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