Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to Make a Pretzel

A couple weeks ago I was initiated into the world of wrestling. I had never been to a match. (Well, there was that one time in 7th grade when I went with a friend to see that one boy I really liked a whole, whole lot.) Sometimes I get to go with my other photo pals to high school sporting events & take pictures for the newspaper. (I even have a handy dandy media pass with my dorky picture on it. Sweet, huh?) Mostly I photograph for myself. Getting some practice in & all. It's good fun! As a result of previous photo sporting escapades, I learned to appreciate & enjoy the game of football. And now, wrestling is fighting its way into my heart.

These boys of wrestling MUST love what they do. Not only because they have to wear those awesomely awkward onesies, but they get chased & choked & twisted & bent for several minutes at a time. And they KEEP coming back for more!
Of course, the creative me LOVES the choreography of it all. The improvisation: there is no script. Only funny outfits & a tussle, centerstage.
And my artsy brain oohs & aahs at the angles, the lines, the silhouette, the arrangement. I could literally stare for hours at the photos of faces in agony, the way the limbs bend backward in ways they weren't meant to. It's fascinating.
And, so, I'll share...


How to Make a Pretzel

Refuse to Lose

Still, I'm Refusing to Lose

Painful Embrace

Choking 101


  1. I love it! As an avid wrestling mom, I take hundreds of these pics and I never tire of it!

  2. Great post. I loved the pictures, very close look at the world of high school wrestling. And I agree about the lines and angles and all that.

    But, the sugary treats at the end looked simply scrumptious!

  3. Hey Nikki, My husband is the head coach in our town. Our son and I try to attend all of the duals and tournaments that we can to support him and the team. Great pics you posted!

  4. I have a wrestling son too! his pic is on my blog. He's older than your guys though.


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