Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knit Wit

So, guess who learned to knit yesterday??

Last night my friend Susan taught me to knit during a break at work. We grabbed 2 pencils & found some yarn which embellished a Christmas prezzie we had just exchanged.

Knitting has always intimidated me. It still does. I don't understand how all those stitches can turn & twist & form into adorable things. I'm excited about conquering my knitting fear. This is just the beginning...

Click HERE to view my 8 year old filming while my 6 year old commentates on me knitting.
(Oh, & I've upgraded from pencils to chopsticks!)


  1. What a delightful video! :-)

  2. oooo Way to go! Knitting is hard for me too. Don't think it will become my "thing" I sure do love having knit stuff!

  3. I too, share your phobia of knitting. I can crochet, but for some reason knitting freaks me out. It's on my bucket list though...maybe I'll get my mother-in-law to teach me...
    (now that thought freaks me out too.)

  4. How clever to use pencils for knitting needles. I hope you get the hang of it as knitting is such fun. Amazing what can be created with to needles and yarn.

  5. I learned how to knit last year but don't ask if I've actually completed anything yet! Crocheting is just SO much faster for me, I end up getting frustrated knitting... but I'll get there.

    The video made me laugh out loud. She makes it sound SOOOO complicated. :) What happened to "In through the front door, around the back, peek through the window & off pops Jack"?

  6. Just watched the video, quite possibly the sweetest thing ever! You have a great laugh Nikki!


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