Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week in Review: December 27-January 2

Goodbyes are just downright awful.
Yet on the looooong road trip home, there was a chance to transition a bit. To be anxious for my own bed, my own things, my own rhythm, my own order. All that doesn't change the fact that goodbyes are still so awful.
I wondered how I'd feel going home & then coming back.
I definitely hopped, squealed & giggled after I ran out of the car & into my house today. 1200 mile road trips will make you do things like that.
I think there is now a bigger feeling of "missing". Missing my family & friends.
I don't even know if I can explain it, or if it will come out right, but there wasn't really that "missing" feeling  before. I got so busy right away, the instant we moved to Nebraska, that I didn't have time for heartache & longing & homesickness. But now that I took a break---for the first time in a year---& went back home, I miss now.
Hugging my mom goodbye was the hardest. She's my friend, & I just like her so much. And I like her to be near me. And I miss living 2 minutes away from her.
I think the only thing that can make this easier is something Tia & I came up with. This is going to be "The Year of Correspondence"!! Whether facebooking or Skyping or happy mail or snail mail (which is happy mail too) or any creative gesture of mail-like fun, it's all about the correspondence. And I'm setting aside a small spot where I have gathered all things having to do with corresponding (stationery, stickers, cards, pens, stamps) & at least once a week I'm making use of those things. I'm looking forward to it with much enthusiasm!!
Here's to a 2011 full of correspondence!!
Yay communication!!

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  1. it's funny.. I was thinking along the same line.. I need to be in touch more with my gal pals..

    Maybe you'll get a letter from me :)


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