Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week in Review: January 10-16

Following suit to a post I once saw on blogger Beki's sweet home at The Rusted Chain, I give you my "Cheers & Jeers" for the week...


•The Christmas Tree Fairy. I’m still waiting for her to show up & take down my Christmas tree. Where is she??
•Ketchup & mustard sandwiches. I still have not done my major grocery shopping since coming home from Christmas vacation.
• Dirty snow. It used to be pretty & magical. Now it’s just gross.
•Laziness. I can’t get out of holiday mode.

But, as everyone knows, “Jeers” without “Cheers” is jus plain ole grumpiness. So, here’s this weeks highlights…

•Chili cookoff. I have not eaten that much chili in a long time. I’ve just got one thing to say: “Beans, beans, the musical fruit…”
•Free Fine Friday at the library.
•People that wave to you.
•Learning to knit.
•Kids that say cute things. Example: my 6 year old, Pazely… “Mom? How did God make stickers? Did he just say “Poof!” & then stickers just appeared? ‘Cause that would be weird.”
•Late nights, playing board games.
•My church family.
•Spiced chai latte. In my tummy. Like, twice a day.
•Giant warm cinnamon rolls. Shared with friends.
•Liver transplants. My new dad just got one.
•Time away with family.
•Buildling forts with blankets & chairs.

For a photo play-by-play, click HERE.

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  1. After the Christmas tree fairy visits your house, could you send her my way? Thanks.
    sara c


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