Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crafty Night FEBRUARY 2011

 I cannot tell you how giddy I get each month as Crafty Night approaches. It's such a fun night to hang out with friends! This month we knitted. I only learned how to knit about a month ago. My friend Susan led the group, along with some help from a couple other well-experienced knitting gurus. It was a smaller group this month, but a PERFECT size for that extra attention we newbies seemed to need! 

 Everyone in the group went home with their own pair of knitting needles & a skein of yarn.
We had oodles of knitting books available to browse through too---such inspiration!

The girls & I made these yarn hearts for decorations. Tutorial found HERE.

This month everyone also went home with a felt fortune cookie. 
I handmade them. 
With love. 
Tutorial found HERE
(The girls' school teachers will be getting these for Valentine treats as well!)
We also ate amazing homemade soups & bread from the bakery next door. Not to mention my awesome pistachio torte.
And then, oh, we measured our heads for fun.
(Because we aspire to make great things. Like hats!)
And guess who had the biggest head of the bunch?
*sigh* It's my hair. I swear, I have BIG hair.
Crafty Night is the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

ON3 Photography • Bridgeport, NE
6-8 p.m.
Next Crafty Night: March 8th
Save your spot!

To view the entire set of photos from 
Crafty Night FEBRUARY 2011...click HERE.


  1. Very cool!
    I wish I had more crafty friends to get together and do things with it seems like a blast!

    I am new to your blog but looking forward to more!


  2. I'm loving
    the fortune cookies!

    Looks like
    a fun time! ;)

  3. So jealous of you having crafty nights! Wish i was closer to join you all.

    oh and yes, i have big hair too!

  4. I don't live anywhere near you but I want to just to come to crafty night!

  5. Hey, glad to see someone is finally doing some creative things around good old B-pt. I have felt like the lone ranger for years.

  6. I did the fortune cookies for my DD's valentines last year and they were a huge hit. I put them in pink, Chinese take-out boxes. I wish I could come to Craft Night...

  7. I love the felt fortune cookies, that is so cute!


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