Thursday, February 17, 2011

out of gas...yet invigorated

I'm not one to get sick quite often. But these last few days I've been knocked down pretty hard with a severe sore throat, coughing, & feeling weak & blah. I had the 2 worst sleeps ever these last couple of nights. One night I seriously got 20 minutes of sleep. No joke. The doc visit yesterday revealed I have strep throat. After taking meds & taking it easy, in just 24 short hours I feel OODLES better!! It's hard for me to lie down & do nothing. Well, wait. I take that back. It's hard for me to do that without CHOOSING to do it. When you have no other choice BUT to do this, it's an awful feeling. Your body just shuts down & you have to rest to let it recover & heal. Your "things to do" list gets visited less & less, which means there's more & more to do later on.
I sure did learn to enjoy the rest though. I've been hopping around blogland, window shopping on amazon (.com), visiting my friends on facebook, browsing lovelies on Etsy, enjoying tunes via pandora, & sipping hot drinks the whole while as I lounged in lazy clothes. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from these liesure moments plopped on the couch. More happy ideas, more satisfied thoughts, more promising motivation. And it makes me think that I need to schedule more of those "on purpose" couch plopping moments into my week.


  1. Sometimes I think it's guilt that drives us to gogogogogogo... to make up for an imagined shortcoming or whatever... not that you do... but your post just made me think it... well 'cause I feel that way sometimes myself.

    But lady if you're sick like that you need to recognize that you're *not* being lazy or neglectful, and you just need to let your body heal. Give it the time it needs and you will be back up and around very soon.... take care of you! The world will not end if you're down for a couple days, contrary to what you or others may think.

    But hey you're already feeling better, so you're probably up and around and being all busy-like already. :)

  2. I hope you feel much better soon!


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