Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week in Review: January 24-30

Well I bet you can guess the best highlight of mine last week....CRAFTY NIGHT! We had crafters show up that ranged from the age of 16 years old to a lovely lady in her 70's! (And everything in between.) Crafty Night's attendance more than doubled since moving to our new location last month too! And in the works of my tinkering brain is....our first Kid's Crafty Afternoon! I'm thinking of doing it on a Saturday & maybe do a  few of these a year. We'll see how it goes. And Zoey, my 8 year old, would do most of the teaching! (My people are currently talking to her people.) 

Next Crafty Night: KNITTING!
Tuesday, February 8th
6 - 8 p.m.
ON3 Photography • Bridgeport, NE
If you'd like to attend, message me!
(Crafty Night is the 2nd Tuesday of every month.)

I'm trying to stay warm in the great Midwest. I'm wearing layers. LOTS of layers. I'm such a weenie when it comes to the cold. I slept in my scarf & sweatshirt last night. And I've been wearing gloves around the house. It's VERY hard to do lots of things around the house with gloves on, I've found out. Like, for instance, spreading peanut butter on toast.

Other than finding creative ways to keep out the cold, on the agenda this week is: to attack my art studio with a fierce vengeance. Since having kids I've gotten more & more lax with the putting-away-of-things. At least that's the area on my timeline that I can pinpoint when my more methodical ways started to disintegrate. I blame it on the children. The fruit of my loins made me do this.

I really think it's beyond finding ways that work for me to stay on task. I've tried almost all of them.
What's a messy crafty girl to do? Will my whole life be filled with this horrible clean vs. messy battle? Orderly & arranged VS. untidy & cluttered? That's just a big fat waste of time & energy. And, yes, I realize I bring this topic up a whole, WHOLE lot. It consumes me.
I really think it's time to purge. 
The pack-rat in me is about to faint.
Yep, yep---I'm hyperventilating....Getting dizzy...Woozy...
Excuse me while I pass o-u-t.

For a photo play-by-play, click HERE.


  1. word's to live by, repeat them over and over

    "if you do not absolutely love it or find it necessary/useful-get rid of it."

    may the force be with you

    i thrive on purging, and throwing things out and order, i'm a neat freak so i'm sending those air thoughts your way, granted i think the job of laid back-pig penners goes to the fun ones!

  2. I am always shoving stuff in cabinets and closets and saying I really need to clean this out and toss most of this. So then I go through the process of dragging it all out and low and behold....ta da...I can't do it and it all goes back in,then I'm pooped and I still have a house full of important junk whew!!good luck
    From one pack rat to another =)

  3. What junk? It all becomes something, and is so fun to rediscover the stuff that's been tucked away. Good luck with that purging!

  4. I keep it all !!! In my MOPS group they joke don't through it out Heather will find a use for, and it's a used cupcake liner ... But I do need to purge myself, it is getting bad and my honey is complaining so u will have my spring clean, so my clothes can have the walk in closet back. (I wanted to turn the back half into my crafty area but it was went wild in there. Anyhow I digress u stopped by because I seen a tip in a magazine and thought if u. It was to keep the silica gel packets that are used in shoe boxes, pill bottles, clothes, & other items to slip them in with your fabric & ribbon stash to minimize the humidity. U may have do this already but I thought it was nifty thus had to share..
    Have a great week!!


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