Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crafty Night • March 2011

Crafty Night (March 2011) was so amazing!!
We created wreaths made from pages of vintage books. Old, discarded books.
While everyone crafted away, I wandered around & snapped photos. It was just so much fun to see everyone's spin on this project. AND I munched on THE most amazing cupcakes---EVER: Chocolate chip cookie dough. (If I can get the recipe, I'll share it with you.)
I gave away 2 of the 3 wreaths I had made earlier in the day. And there were handmade cootie catchers for everyone to take home. (Made from pages of a vintage dictionary.)
To view the rest of the pics, click HERE.
Can't wait for next month!!

April 12th
6-8 p.m.
ON3 Photography
Bridgeport, NE
Reserve your spot!
((Crafty Night operates via donations.))


  1. I wonder if those cupcakes were the same ones I bookmarked a few weeks ago? See if this looks like them: http://bakeat350.blogspot.com/2011/01/chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-cupcakes.html

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    Those don't look like the same ones. The cake part didn't have choco chips in them. A friend made them, & I've asked her for the recipe. I'll post it if she decides to share the recipe!!


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