Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Duct Tape Notebook Cover

While peeking around THIS BLOG recently, I came upon a nifty craft that looked like the perfect quick fix I needed. (Sometimes we crafters need to pause for a bit of quick happy crafting.) The original source was found HERE. And it's definitely worth the visit to both blogs to see the fun spin put on this duct tape notebook makeover!
 I've been dying to craft something with those super fun duct tape designs!
Who knew tape could rock so hard?!



  1. Lovely idea....pretty little notebook..........pretty little rosette x
    Nattie x

  2. Love your post today! When my daughter was in about 7th grade, she made a dress out of duct tape for Halloween! It was so great, most people thought it was an actual dress! She's in college now.....Costume Design is her major!


  3. awesome!! Love the idea, who doesn't like to play with tape, especially pretty tape!

  4. I have given you a stylish blog award! Check out my post all about the award here http://lesbijouxdeclaire.blogspot.com/2011/03/joy-of-compliment.html
    C x

  5. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing :)


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