Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week in Review: March 14-20

The weather is getting all happy again! I opened my windows & front door numerous times last week. My mood has lifted tremendously--& I didn't even realize I had a mood! I also sat on the porch to enjoy the bits of warm sunshine. The girls had spring break (a whopping 2 days long. what?!) & we journeyed overnight to Cheyenne where we invaded Barnes & Noble & then I took the girls to some of our favorite shops: Michael's & The Dollar Tree! I know, doesn't sound exciting, right? Well, living in a small town makes you get excited about things that, once upon a time, you had so readily available & at close proximity.

I'm working on a couple fun projects which will be finalized at the end of the month. The first assignment is to help my friends put together the Grand Opening for their photography studio & frame shop. (It's the same place Crafty Night is hosted once a month!) One thing I'm SO excited about is a sort of polaroid photo booth I'm setting up where I'll have suitcases filled with props. Guests can get all silly-like while I snap a polaroid for them to keep. There will be live acoustic guitar players & wine & yummy eats & mini cupcakes made by moi. OH! And I'm gonna try my hand at making a giant balloon arch to set outside the studio on the evening of the celebration. I'm also putting together photo-themed gift bags for the first 100 guests. I'm having WAY too much fun shopping on Etsy AND crafting up unique items!! (SERIOUSLY, if you're able to make it to Bridgeport on March 31st for the Grand Opening, it'll be a super fun night! Just look for the awesome balloon arch on Main Street. haha!)

The second project is a little less intense, but also involves my friends' photo studio. My amazing photographer friend, Laura, is having Easter photo sessions the first week in April & she's asked me to make up Easter themed goodie bags for the kidlets that participate. I can't wait to show off the fun gifties that the kids will receive. You'll have to wait to see 'em though!! (I might have to peek in on the photo sessions---she's gonna have live baby chicks & a bunny on the scene! Not to mention the most adorable kitty named Carly. I've also ordered pastel colored parasols for additional props. Sweetness to infinity!!)

The next week & a half is gonna be a busy one!
But, golly, when you love what you're doing it doesn't seem to be overwhelming at all!!

Happy Monday!!
Happy Spring!!

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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