Monday, March 28, 2011

Week in Review: March 21-27

Amidst the busy-ness of prepping for the grand opening of my friends' business, I did find time to play. And bake. And cook. And twirl parasols. And have a friend over to craft in the art studio. (Which I've never done before---how odd is that?!) And get together with friends to knit. (We call ourselves "The Knit Wits".) And I was so proud because, for the first time, I followed a pattern & made a leaf!! And it actually LOOKS like a leaf!! I tell you, this fear & intimidation I had of knitting is getting knocked teeny stitch at a time. 

Last week I also discovered that both my girls need glasses. Zoey already has hers. Pazely is waiting anxiously for her pair. It just seems sad that such little new eyes don't work so well. It doesn't seem right. It makes me kind of sad. I hate having to wear glasses.

There are so many secret projects & going-ons happening that I'm planning for the grand opening of ON3 Photography that I cannot share. (Only because my friend Laura, co-owner of ON3, & I discussed that she should be surprised with all the fun little details.) But I will have a WHOLE bunch-of-a-lotta stuff to show & tell by the end of this week!
Buuuuut....I might sneak a thing or two in before then. Shhhh! Don't tell! 

OH! And I almost forgot. My cupcake planters were featured in a little TV segment about whimsical spring crafts from Beth Engelman of 'mommy on a shoestring'. HERE is the link. The samples on the show don't look as full as I would have made them. And the sidekick TV host says: "looks like the aliens landed in my garden..." haha! Anyway. HERE is the original blog post about my cupcake planters, complete with how-to instructions!


  1. Yeah,
    I definitely like you "cupcakes" a lot more.


  2. Wow. They really did not do your cupcake planters justice on that tv segment. Yours are TOTALLY cute!


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