Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Birds & the Bees

 With the leftover Crafty Night favors I had on hand--(Mini Lawn in a Can)--, the girls & I decided to give them as Easter/Spring gifts to their teachers this week. I found these adorable little plant stakes in the dollar section of Target to dress up the cans even more.
BUUUUUT, when I came home, I realized that I hadn't purchased enough. So, I scrambled to come up with another cute grass accessory.
Polymer clay to the rescue!

These abstract chubby bees did the trick. I simply twisted black & yellow clay & molded it into an oval shape & attached white wings. I baked them in the oven per the directions on the clay WITH the bamboo skewer attached.

 Snip the skewer to desired height & you're done! I do think I may use a little hot glue to permanently attach the clay bee to its wooden mate though.

There you have it. The birds & the bees.
(And no awkward explanations required!)


  1. Oh my! Soooo sweet. I want a whole hive.

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  3. Once again...you have inspired with me the just "the thing" I needed! I am working on a bee themed table for a ladies tea at church and the little bee planter stakes are just the ticket to add as a little favor. thanks again friend!

  4. Very beautiful!



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