Friday, April 22, 2011

Cheep Goodie Bags

I recently assembled 20 Easter themed goodie bags for my friend to give away at her Easter photo sessions. There were several left over, so I have been giving them away to my kidlet friends & even as prizes for the last Crafty Night.
Not only did I scour Etsy to find appropriately themed goodies, but I made two of the items myself- the chocolate lollies & the felt finger puppets.
 Each goodie bag included 3 stickers, a stick of carrot soap, a felt bunny finger puppet, a lambie pin, a chocolate lollipop, & a fuzzy yellow chick.I added blue crinkle shredded paper to each bag & topped them with a handcrafted paper embellishment & sticker.
After the items were totaled, I realized that I had spent less than $2.00 per bag. That was rather inspiring, thinking of all the party favors I like to make for special occasions. And practically everything was handmade! (Minus the fuzzy yellow chicks.) When planning or buying take-home favors for parties, it doesn't have to be overwhelming or expensive. It can be special, handmade AND affordable.

Click HERE for the photo deets, & to view the shops I purchased from!

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  1. heh! They are fabulous!
    Gotta admit the finger puppets are definately my fave


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