Saturday, April 9, 2011

MORE birthday fun!

♥ from Tia ♥


*SQUEEE!!* I got a Fuji Instax 210 (polaroid cam!!!)

Pedi's with the Mr. (He was such a good sport!) My nail polish color was: "That's Hot! Pink"

Lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant

Roses from the Mr.-- He spoiled me!!

I made foil dinners. (This looks gross--but it's not!! This was before they were cooked in the oven.)

Firepit fun! Marshallows & S'mores. Mmmmm...

Happy birthday girl.


  1. looks like a wonderful birthday! I'm jealous of the camera! what a great present!

    happy {belated} birthday!


  2. Thanks Tsuki!! The camera is definitely a favorite prezzie!

  3. I love that balloon photo. It looks like you are flying.
    Happy Birthday!

  4. well, it looks like you had your typical amount of awesomely awesome nikki fun on your birthday - as u seem to do every other day of the year! i get your RSS feed on my iphone and was reading on the train today, so i guess i'm going to be commenting even less, :( - but you know you have a TONNE of readers, right? that opening night? that just looked like so much fun - AND WORK, and fun - love that shot of u gals on the bench. we really gotta meet some day. i'm thinkin, and wishin' and hopin'.....

    happy birthday!!!

  5. and did i ask u to do a light stick photography tutorial thingee already??? pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

  6. You GOTTA post some foil recipes! :) Paleeeze!


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