Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's the Little Things...

After doing some necessary crafty & graduation gift shopping yesterday (in the rain), the hubby & I enjoyed a very casual, very relaxing afternoon at a coffee house. I plopped down beside my man, his face intently studying the sermon he was composing on the laptop. After drinking a large cup of convenience store coffee this morning, on the 40 mile drive over, the Mr. decided to order a double shot of espresso to continue the process of waking up his extremely sleepy head. (He would down 2 more shots in the next few hours.) Potent stuff that would have eaten up my tummy. But, gosh, the tiny mugs were so cute. Like dolly teacups.

Our barstool seats by the windows would not have been my first choice. But the only cozy couchy chairs in the place I had hoped to settle back in were being sat upon by a group of elderly ladies. And those ladies seemed intent on gabbing with no apparant plans to ski-daddle. I quickly decided to make the best of my scenario & realized I did rather like my view: The drizzling raindrops, the passers-by, the coffeehouse guests coming & going, the neon "OPEN" sign, the only crafty store in town right across the street, & the natural light coming in through the large windows.

I was giddy about this trip since the night before. I dreamed of sipping iced chai, making things, & photoging my happy afternoon. And that's just what I did.

I crafted fabric bracelets. I worked on another knitted square of my giant blanket-- a work in progress. I munched on a delicious chicken salad croissanwich & slurped vegetable barley soup. I clicked photo after iphone photo of my surroundings. I facebooked. I people watched. I smiled real big.

There was a lady in the coffee shop talking really loudly & I wondered if she realized how much her voice magnified. There was a gentleman on a laptop, earphones in his ears. Every once in a while he'd let out a REALLY BIG sigh. I mean, I've never heard anyone sigh that loud. I figured he didn't realize how loud he was sighing because his earphones were in. But that lady had no excuse. Oh well, I didn't let it get to me.

The hubby & I had a tab open & kept adding caffeinated drinks & munchies as the early afternoon turned to later afternoon. The service at Cappucino & Co. is really amazing. (And so are the chicken salad croissanwiches!) I think it's my new favorite place.

I didn't want to leave. I was super content kickin' it with my other 1/2. I was genuinely blissful making happy things with my hands. And, bonus: Eventually the couch became available. I pounced on that opportunity, & spread my creative mess all over, just like I do at home.

Sometime during our stay the hubby chuckled at our matching black Converse.

Yesterday I had absolutely no complaints. Not even about Ms. Loudmouth. Because, really, she was part of that busy exterior I love in a place like that, while I sat serene in my own little bubble.
In the end, the time did come that we had to pack up our gear & head home to pick up the girls from school. I sat in the passenger seat on the ride back, peaceful from my dreamy afternoon.


  1. I love spending quality time with my partner too! It sounds like a great people watching day! I really love how people are so different!

  2. Sounds like a great afternoon!! It's hard to get those... and when they do come, are super lovely!!

  3. This Saturday "the Mr." and I are having a day in the city and going to a concert in the evening. I am so pumped. Gonna focus on the simple things!


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