Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 2011 Crafty Night

The girls & I learned to finger knit four months ago. When I recently found THIS tutorial about using jersey knit fabric to make finger-knit bracelets, I KNEW this HAD be the project for the May Crafty Night. The Crafty Night crew had a blast! What started out as simple bracelets turned into many projects! And I was inspired by their kooky creativeness.

We knit bracelets with one color of fabric.

We knit bracelets with two colors of fabric.

We made bracelets with pretty bow embellishments.

We knit rings for your fingers....& some for your toes (not pictured).

But what IS pictured is someone knitting WITH their toes. haha!!

We knit headbands.

And even a cat toy.

We knit anklets.

I even knit a bracelet for Zoey's American Girl doll.

And then I knit a necklace...

...or two.

We had the most amazing Cool Veggie Pizza, Chinese Ramen Noodle Salad, & frozen fruit slush dessert for dinner! (Thank you Sarah, Sadie & Laura for the food! I love you for feeding us every month!)

Guests left with Jones soda--in Berry Lemonade, Green Apple or Cream Soda flavors. Each bottle was tied off with a whimsical paper sphere. (These paper globes were leftover from Pazely's Ice Cream Summer birthday last year. I made garlands of these & they got SOOO tangled after her party. They've been sitting in a heap in my studio ever since. I snipped several off & tied one to each bottle.)

I just love hanging with my creative friends! (Thanks for showing up & crafting with me every month!)

Click HERE to view the entire set of pics from May's Crafty Night.

More deets:
• The blue fabric was purchased at JoAnne's, but I had the best luck finding the rest of the fabric on
• Though the tutorial for the jersey knit bracelets shows a different technique for finger knitting, my girls & I learned how to finger knit HERE. Not much different, but it's how I taught the Crafty Night crew. This link also shows a different way of ending. I liked it better for some reason & always use this way.

And get ready for the June 14th Crafty Night! We're doing a "Handmade Drop-off". Bring a handmade item to give away. Or just come 'cause there will be lotsa extras. We'll package up our goodies & scatter them about town for finders to keep!


  1. I'm in love with your yellow knit necklace! It's super cute. And that toe knitting picture is too funny :)

    Craft nights are the best nights!!

  2. How fab is finger knitting! Love the wooly jewels!!

  3. I agree! That yellow necklace is totally to die for (and my fave color!) :)


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