Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Operation: Crafty Swap

 I just recently exchanged handmade happies with my friend Becca. It was a random thought one day to ask Becca if she wanted to make a bunch of stuff & trade with me & I would do the same. She was immediately on board & we chose the color scheme "black & white" as our theme.
The collage up top shows all the awesomeness I received from the creative & lovely 13 year old. A portrait of an owlie done in pastels with stitched embellishments, tags, a floral embellished headband, hand painted mug & plate (in a cupcake theme!), a wallet, & 2 pillowcases. (All were handmade by Becca except for the tags.) I adore everything! Thanks Becca!!
(We were able to do the swap in person while I am in Washington visiting family!)
For Becca, I filled a record bowl with bits & baubles & trims & things.

 I stuffed a mini suitcase with things like: domino magnets, vintage gloves, a vintage button ring, hand knitted white & black hair bows, mini paper pinwheels, pinback buttons, a mini notebook... 

...my favorite item to make was this hand knitted postcard.

I tucked some of my favorite quotes & saying inside handmade paper fortune cookies.

 Zoey even suggested I give her our most recent creation made from a t-shirt in our Summer Diary Series.
(It's a bag!)

 I also made these faux screenprinted cards.

 Here's happy me, opening my prezzies.

 And here's happy Becca!
Becca is such a creative person & she has so much talent. I felt honored to be able to swap handmade with her. I am envious of her fierce creative spirit & her amazing confidence at such a young age.

Click HERE to view all the pics about the swap.


  1. Looks like an amazing swap! ♥

  2. How fun!! I love the black and white theme!

  3. What a wonderful swap - monochrome in abundance! You cannot beat black and white!

  4. Oh my! I want that cup/plate set SO BAD!! And your knitted postcard is the cutest thing ever! Such a fun swap.

  5. I meant to comment on this the other day... Becca LOVED doing this!! She wants to come visit you now this summer.. lol! I think she's found a kindrid spirit in you :) Love all the photos! I may "steal" them, k?? & I'll be linking too!


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