Thursday, May 12, 2011

the opposite of hasten

I think I'm going to like today a lot. First of all, I went to bed last night all dreamy thnking of THIS, my future home. It's my day off today. It's a grey, wet day outside---those are some of my favorite kinds of days. The teapot is about to whistle on the stove. I'm in my jammies, knitting supplies at the ready. I might find an interesting documentary to watch while I get crafty. I get to Skype with my mom this morning. I'll prolly take a nap later on...& then knit some more. Pinterest might even consume a portion of my afternoon. I may facebook every 30 minutes. My feet might not even touch the ground, but remain in their rightful elevated place on the sofa---except maybe to scurry to the kitchen to grab me some yogurt & granola for breakfast or a tasty salad for lunch. There are no appointments made, no errands to run. I'm allowed to be lazy on this day---those are some of my most favorite kinds of days too. And I just remembered that tonight I meet with my Knit Witz crew. Wow. This day just got even more awesome.

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