Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Diary Day 10: Paint with Water Kits

Dear Summer Diary,
These are the most non-messy painting kits ever. I remember painting with something similar as a WhiMSy munchkin & I thought they were pretty cool. The paper paint palette is on the page! How cool is that?! I love Melissa & Doug brand products too. Can't wait to hear how much fun the girls have with these. (I hope they save me some!)
These paint with water books are hard to find. I found THESE paint with water posters in a "Faeries & Ponies" theme on There was also super heroes & villains pack.

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  1. I loved mine when I was a wee-dilly! Michael's crafts sometimes has these in the dollar section, as does Target. You can also "make" yer own using watercolor pencils!

    Happy Summer Diary Days!


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