Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Diary Day 3: Foamie Wiggle Pencil Toppers

 Dear Summer Diary,
Today was pretty busy. Lots to do before we leave on vacation tomorrow. Not only did I have to clean the house & finish the laundry, I had to finish writing my column for the newspaper, go to work this evening, & then come home at midnight to pack!
I needed a quick project & had one tucked away for just a day as this.

I purchased this kit of foamie pancil toppers a few months ago & saved it in my crafty stash. 
 The girls & I decided to grab some of our own craft foam to create different styles of pencil toppers.
First, take a piece of pipe cleaner/chenille stem & coil it around your pencil.
 Now, cut different shapes from foam. Add googly eye accents. Use markers to add features. Etc. We used a hot glue gun to attach everything together. We like immediate results.

Here are the two I made...

And here are the simple shapes you need to create the bee...

And the cupcake medallion... 

Zoey made the adorable gnome.

And Pazely (who is showing off all our pencil toppers) made a horse, a doggie & a bunny. If you attach the coiled pipe cleaner just right on the end of your pencil, your pencil topper will wiggle.
I'm going to bed. Gotta be up in a few hours for our trip!


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