Friday, May 6, 2011

Up to my auditory sensors...

I just need to talk out loud. Get it all out of my head. I don't know why this happens, but lots of times everything happens at once. Like now.
Within the next 18 days I need to...

• Finalize the beginning plans of our Summer Fun!! (The girls get out of school on May 20th.) We went to the library today & I will cozy up on the sofa tonight to add more ideas to our Summer Diary 2011.

•Organize a Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest for a local annual celebration, Camp Clarke Days. (June 3, 4, & 5 — contest is on the 4th.) I'm only using my experience HERE to fuel my very minute knowledge of the subject. I just found out today that my request for the contest was accepted!

•Make, make, make...I am doing a handmade swap with a very talented & crafty teenager named Becca. We decided on the theme "black & white". I haven't done a swap in a while & I thought it would be a blast to do!! Just on our own. Just 'cause.

•Get ready for May's Crafty Night on the 10th. Supplies for the project are all purchased. Still trying to come up with a take-home favor. I always have a little handmade something for the guests to take with them.

And why must I do all this within the next 18 days??
Because, our family leaves for a little Eastern Nebraska getaway on May 24th, to Lincoln/Omaha. And then I get to jaunt off to Washington (just 'lil ole me) for 5 days to see my grandmother!! (And mom, dad, sisters, brother, nieces, nephew & Tia. But mostly my grandmother.) I return just 2 days before the Sidewalk Chalk Contest commences. *sigh*

So you can see why I'm getting a little dizzy. But why is it that when I become overwhelmed with all I have to do, that I freeze. That doesn't help things, you know. If there are things to do, the point is to get them done, not stand petrified. Right? A part of me enjoys the craziness of so much to do in so little time. A part of me thrives on last minute stuff. (Only a little part of me, though.)

So I'm counting down to May 24th & hoping that every day between now & then is full of productivity & energy. And maybe naps in between.


  1. I said a prayer for you! Hate that feeling and totally understand the freeze effect. Praying for energy, lot's of coffee and really good music. Love your attitude, heart and fun personality-your blog is always a happy place!

  2. I know a certain teenager that was THIRLLED to mentioned in your blog :D

    Deep breathes, lots of prayer, lots of coffee.. and if some things need to be put off (*hint*) Don't feel bad! I know that the same teeanager will just use the extra time to add another item to your box :) and won't mind a bit!!


  3. Carol---Oh no, no, no. It's crafty fun like "the trade" that helps make these next 18 days fun!! And I hope I didn't make it sound like a burden, 'cause it's not. SO HAPPY to be doing this with Becca!!

  4. You didn't make it sound like a burden at all! Just didn't want you to feel too overwhelmed! :)


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