Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week in Review: May 2-8

I had a pretty nice Mother's Day... Woke to flowers & cards & a school-made gift from the 8 year old, who had it packaged in a brown paper sack for the past 2 days & was so anxious for me to open it ever since she brought it home. After church this morning & an omelet-n-hashbrown lunch at the local diner, the fam & I headed home for what I was hoping would be a relaxing bout on the couch with my yarn & needles while everyone else did anything else but bother me. But instead, I decided to plant some grass seed in the 8 pots on the porch. And, somehow, that turned into me cleaning the entire garage & setting up a sweet little potting bench (which is odd, since I have no green thumb... which is why I've resorted to grass seed & not wildflowers or veggies or something exciting like that in those pots). And then I swept & arranged & organized a tidy space on the front porch. And then I cleaned up the back porch. And then I helped the 6 year old create a poolscape where she waded & splashed & lounged in the 90 degree weather!
All the while, the hubby napped.
Eventually I got a few moments of stitching in, while watching Beethoven's 3rd with the girls. We haven't seen Beethoven 1 or 2 yet. And then Mr. WhiMSy love took the girls to pick us all up some ice cream for dinner. We munched it on the now pretty porch where we shared our nightly "highs & lows" & watched Zoey blow bubbles while Pazely pouted because Zoey wasn't sharing.
Note to self: buy more bubbles.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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