Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Diary Day 41: Pazely's Birthday

Dear summer diary,
Today is my youngest kiddo's birthday. Happy 7th birthday Pazely!!! It was a busy day, but we managed to squeeze some fun in! Fairy toast for brekkie, prezzies opened, swim lessons in the morning & Italian sodas at the coffee shop. Then home for some quick play time with new birthday toys. Then it was off to the Library Summer Reading Program where the kids all created a flag for their own made-up country. Then, daddy took the birthday girl out to lunch while I had to scoot off to work for an afternoon shift. But then I came home to make a pancake dinner, complete with bacon & scrambled eggs per Pazely's request.
Then, friends came over for those crazy brownies I made yesterday. Side note: I made another batch this morning & it came out soooo much better! I nixed the wax paper & used a light spraying of non-stick oil instead. I also set the oven to 325 degrees & cooked it for one hour. The brownies were still a bit gooey, but it beat the rock hard dessert concoction I made the day before. We warmed the brownies up, topped each piece with ice cream & drizzled with hot fudge. Do you think Pazely liked them??

The house was filled with lots of noise & happy people in the evening. Some played Monopoly, others played Guitar Hero, Legos, or dollies.
Then, mommy went to bed, happy for the coming weekend! (So she can recover & be ready for the REAL birthday party next weekend!)


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  1. sounds like a great day for the birthday kid :)! Happy belated birthday, Pazely!


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