Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Diary Day 14: Couch Forts

Dear Summer Diary,
Yes, I realize that this picture quite plainly shows the old ripped slipcover hiding the $5.00 hotel ottoman. And I do believe I see a couch crumb or two. But mostly I was hoping to show that couch forts are FUN!!
And, no, my kidlets aren't shown in the photo. That's 'cause they took a break to go to the park with their daddy & meet a bunch of friends for volleyball & football & playing! I'm home alone getting stuff & things ready for the Sidewalk Chalk Contest tomorrow! There's a lotta organizing & planning to do. This is a first for me & I'm crossing my fingers it's a HUGE success!!

P.S. I got home last night at 7 p.m. My last leg of the journey was on a tiny 18 passenger airplane. It was a VERY windy day. And  a VERY bumpy ride. But, alas, I didn't vomit. Goal: accomplished. YAY!
After 12 hours of sleep, me & my jet lag have already put in a day of work at the newspaper. Phew! Time for some weekend fun!!!

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