Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Diary Day 15: Sidewalk Chalk Contest

Dear Summer Diary,
This year I organized a chalk contest as part of my town's yearly celebration, Camp Clarke Days.

With not a lot of time to plan, plus a little vacation adventure in the middle of it all, I think things came together pretty well! (The only experience I've ever had with a chalk contest was when Tia  & I entered a contest at the Uptown Chalk Festival 3 summers ago in Richland, WA. We came in honorable mention, too!)  This 1st year's attempt at chalkiness included 24 contestants with a total of 27 chalk entries, plus several other chalkers that drew for the fun of it--including moi. (I got to plant some owlies & cupcakes in front of the bakery!)

Some of my friends stayed up late the night before & drew a few pictures on the sidewalks to get the chalk party started.
My friend Sadie's chalk drawing
My girls & I were out there for about 7 hours playing with chalk, registering contestants, & watching the other participants draw. Not once were they bored.
Tied for 1st place in the 13 & Up age category

By the end of the day, we were a mighty fine trio of mess!!

P.S. Our bathtub sure needs a good scrubbing now.
Zoey's winning chalk drawing!
P.P.S. Zoey (age 8) won 1st place in the 0-12 age division!

Pazely, working on her winning piece!
P.P.P.S Pazely (age 6) tied for 3rd!
To view all the pics from the contest, click HERE.


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  1. love the chalk art! The chalk colors are so vibrant - did you use a particular kind of chalk?


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