Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Diary Day 18: Color Your Own Laces

Dear Summer Diary,
I think I saw this idea in a Family Fun magazine. It's so simple & makes for a quick crafty project. I purchased 2 pairs of flat shoelaces from Walmart for $2. (That's a buck a pair! Sweet.) The girls got cozy on the porch, gathered some permanent markers & started creating custom shoelaces!


P.S. Now why didn't I get MYSELF a pair?? Silly me.


  1. perfect! super idea! my girls are into crazy shoe laces and they are so expensive to get here! THANK YOU for sharing this, I know what our next project will be!

  2. What a simple and creative idea...I am totally doing this with my girls! Summer vacation here doesn't start for a couple of weeks...can't wait to get started! Thanks.


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