Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Diary Day 19: Fabric Crayon Pillowcases

Dear Summer Diary,
Today's craft was a flashback of a time long ago. When I was 6. And in Brownies. I was never a Girl Scout. But I was a Brownie--for a couple months anyway. In Brownies we made pillowcases like these & I kept mine for a long time. It had a rainbow on it. And stick people. And a house & clouds. And those birds shaped like an "m". And my name spelled backwards. But I'll get to that backward name-spelling part later...
I honestly am not sure if you NEED fabric crayons, but I purchased these at Michael's. I've yet to try this craft with regular crayons. (But I'll post my results here if I get to it!) I also purchased some inexpensive white pillowcases at Walmart. A 2-pack for a few dollars. For the fabric crayons, the higher the polyester count, the better. My pillowcases are 60% cotton/40% polyester. We'll see how they wash laster. The directions also say DO NOT put in dryer.

I taped some white paper onto the table & the girls started creating their pillowcase masterpieces. You can also draw directly on the pillowcase for more intense color, but we didn't try that technique. The crayons only came with 8 colors, which was kinda not fun, but we made the best of it. Do we sound like snobby crayon-ers or what?
If you choose to write words on your piece, make sure they are the mirror image. Otherwise, your pillowcase, too, will say "ikkiN". I wrote the wording onto my girls' papers & they traced over with the crayons. Zoey's artwork reads "God's Little Princess".

 Pazely's finished drawing reads "Pillow Case Fun".

 Yes, I literally shoved everything on the table off to the side! I created a bakery window scene.

When you are finished drawing, lay your crayon piece, face down, ONTO your pillow case. Following the instructions on the crayons, use your hot iron to carefully iron your image onto the pillowcase. You must not slip & slide the iron---which is what I have a tendency to do. You have to hold it still. And then lift up to another spot. Here is Zoey's finished pillow.  After seeing her pillow, Zoey decided that it would have been better if she had more pictures, more color. Mommy also slipped & slided a bit with the iron, so it's not perfect.

Pazely's pillow was done last, so by the time I got through the first two, I was pretty much an expert. Her pillowcase came out really well. And she tested it out. Yep, works pretty good!

I ironed my pillowcase first, so I could get the kinks out before ironing my girl's creations. I definitely slipped & slided & didn't get a hot enough iron at first. Kinda messy.

But once I learned to carefully steady my hand & make sure I got the iron nice & hot, the rest of it came out lookin' great. And, yep, mine works too!



  1. I Love this, I'm definitely going to try this with Tifani! No, you didn't sound like crayon snobs!! :)

  2. sweet! i actually have some fabric crayons! guess i'll put them to use sometime soon :)

  3. I love, love, love your pillowcase. I want to make one just like it! I have never heard of fabric crayons. Thanks for the fun inspiration.

  4. What fun! I remember playing with these when I was a kid....what a great project to do with your munchkins!

  5. I have fabric markers...which would probably work?! I think I will have to give this a try with my girls...thanks.

  6. hai!
    ya good job.

    i love it

  7. Wow I love this! We're going to have to try it. My kids will love this project for sure.

    Gretta Hewson
    Veritable Fishing Southeast Alaska


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