Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Diary Day 20: Tea Party

Dear summer diary,
My 8 year old, Zoey, was eager to plan a tea party. She made invitations & invited the whole family. She picked out her dress the night before & made sure that everyone was going to get fancy for her party. What follows is a photo story of our party. You can come along.
P.S. Where something nice.

Pazely chose a hand-me-down dress from her older sister. And some dress up shoes that should have been hand-me-downded a long time ago.

"Come on in!" Zoey squealed. The party was made up in her bedroom. She had blankets draped on the floor & on her bed. And a tiny chair for her not-so-tiny mommy.

She served watermelon, grapes, chocolate rice cakes & a cereal mix made up of cheerios, rice krispies & cinnamon toast crunch.

We had just come from the library summer reading program where we learned about Asia. The girls both took home some chopsticks, which they put to good use while eating the tiny treats at the party. And other stuff...

Zoey often reminded Pazely & I to use our good manners. 

Suddenly a muscle competition broke out.

 "Raise your hand if you like this tea party so far!" said Zoey.

 Pazely stuffed another bite in her mouth & quickly raised her hand.

 Now for some tea! It's amazing how a pot of real grown up tea can make a little girl feel so special. "I'll pour!" said Zoey.

 I give the tea one pinky up! That's the highest rating for a cup-o-tea you know.

 After licking the last of the sugar bits from the bottoms of our cups, Zoey had some entertainment planned.

  We played "Bop it!" What a silly fun game!

We also made sure there was time for some twirlin'.

We all agree it was a splendid way to spend part of our summer day.
And, yes, that's lipstick on my teeth.


  1. This is absolutely adorable! Looks like ya'll had tons of fun...

  2. oh i absolutely love it! fiona, my olderst one, planned an after dinner disco party two weeks ago, where we were dancing and singing karaoke. she also had made up some snacks (dry biscuits, and water to drink) and decorated her room (tidy, for a change! wow!). Kids just love that kind of thing....
    curious what else you lot come up with in the next few days! great to read your blog!

  3. ahhh... so cute! I loving seeing kids use their imagination like that. and Bop-it rocks!

  4. This is what I am talking about with true fun like I used to have when I was younger. Instead of ipods, computers, video games, cell phones, ds and texting, my brother and I would use every blanket in the house to make forts and have the best time ever!

    Man....I miss those days. Thanks for the memories of imagination!
    Love it.


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