Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Diary Day 22: L-A-Z-Y

Dear summer diary,
    Saturday's are huggable. And often lazy. Which, again, makes them huggable. We didn't do anything particular today. I didn't plan any craft or event or outing. We slept in late after having friends over to play last night. Daddy's Monopoly crew mostly. 
    I woke up this morning & found Pazely reading in bed. I love my little readers. We stocked up yesterday at the library. We try to go every Friday. (We love Free Fine Fridays.)
    The girls spread their toys all over the living room floor: Zoey's Legos & Pazely's Littlest Pet Shops. I made fairy toast for breakfast. And vanilla yogurt with granola in fancy little glasses. Zoey stayed in her jammies all day. I, oddly enough, did not. But my cozy t-shirt & sweatpant capri's are pretty much daytime jammie's.
    The girls played "school", & Pazely found our long lost "Up" DVD. So now I owe Pazely $5.
    After Pazely finished her chore of cleaning the tub & bathroom floor this afternoon, the girls played some more until lunch & Quiet Time. (They get 1 hour every day in their room to chill & play solo.) And I took a wonderful nap on top of a made-up bed, cuddled in an old quilt, dozing off while I made sketches in a notebook.
    After waking for the 2nd time in the day, I started getting serious about planning a 7-year old party for little Miss Paze. SO excited about her "polka dot" theme. Pinterest is such a great help in organizing my thoughts & ideas. She's also got her very own American Girl doll headed her way. (She'll squeal with giddy approval, I'm sure!)
    The girls & daddy had pizza for dinner while I made myself an egg-white omelet with green peppers, onions, cheese & ham.
    It was a bit of a stormy day. Mostly wind & lightning with some raindrops thrown in for effect.
    The girls are watching a new Veggie Tales movie they've never seen: Sumo of the Opera. And Thumbelina & Tom Thumb.
    I think I may cuddle on the couch tonight & watch some Netflix episodes of Glee. Unless hubby finagles the remote control.



  1. cuddling up on sofa sounds great. i never miss a cup of coffee and a blanket on rainy day ♡


  2. jolt--The way I make fairy toast is this: I toast a piece of bread & spread butter on it. Then, I sprinkle those sprinkles all over & broil it in the oven until the sprinkles get a bit soft. There are different variations, but that's how I do it. The girls love it & it's a special treat!


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