Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Diary Day 23: Egg Drop

Dear summer diary,
The Mans family broke up into two teams: Team Zoey/Daddy AND Team Pazely/Mommy. Each team had 10 minutes to build a "contraption" that would catch an egg dropped from a 6 foot ladder. Each team only had about 24 feet of yarn, 5 sheets of newsprint & a roll of packing tape to build with. (Something silly & random---but the girls had a blast!!)

Here is Zoey's team, building their landing nest contraption thingie.

And here is Pazely working on ours.

Team "Zoey/Daddy" is ready to go.

Daddy gets ready for the drop.

Each team had 2 chances.

Each team ended up catching one egg in their "contraption landing nest thingie".
So, it was a tie!

Team Pazely/Nikki.


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