Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Diary Day 26: Felt Pouch

Dear summer diary,
It's no secret: I love crafty kits. They're inexpensive. The materials are provided. And I don't have to think hard about what activity to do that day with the girls.
This "Learn to Sew" felt pouch kit was awesome for my newbie sewers. The holes are pre-punched & the needle is plastic with a round ball tip. (Got 'em at JoAnnes.) My girls whipped these up in no time &, with happy smiles, immediately filled their pouches with tiny items.
After the girls made them, I saw how easy & adorable the pouches would be to make with my own felt. I just might do that...


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  1. looks fun! i think i would love to make kit myself for my bf niece!



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