Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Diary Day 28: Fabric Houses Pt. 1

Dear summer diary,
Fridays are kinda hard days to get crafty or adventurous with my girls since I work all morning & afternoon. So, we've been doing pretty low-key things on Fridays. Today, I showed my girls the project we'll be working on. Click HERE to view the picture on my Pinterest board. I've been eyeing these houses all over etsy & the internet, all the while longing to make my own!
When visiting Washington a few weeks ago, I picked up a bunch of vintage fabrics at my favorite antique mall in Richland. The bundles of fabrics were only $1.50 each & I got all sorts of snippets & scraps!! Today we chose our fabrics for the roof, sides & door. We also picked some trim. And that's all.

Here are Pazely's fabric choices:

And here are Zoey's fabric choices:

I've bundled up our fabric & trim choices with clothespins, so they don't get mixed up.

Tomorrow we'll do the sewing & stuffing. If we don't get it all done tomorrow, then we'll save some of the work for Sunday. I really love projects spread over a few days time.

I'm certain we'll have a whole neighborhood of houses by the time we're done...(Or maybe just mommy will!)


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  1. i want the fabric stash! oh my.. i wish we're neighbor so i can see your summer project!



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