Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Diary Day 29: Fabric Houses Part 2

Dear summer diary,
At first I began to think that the girls & I are stretching this project into too many days. We're on day 2 & haven't finished it yet! But then, I realized this slow pace is a rather good thing. My girls (like most kids I think?) get overwhelmed & lose interest if a project is too inolved---especially with something they're not used too, like a sewing machine. This helps me to be more patient & enjoy the steps along the way too.

Yesterday we chose the fabrics for our project. And today we cut the pieces out. It is fun to see the girls starting to "get the picture". They completely cut everything themselves. I will let them do all their own handstitching & sewing tomorrow as well. I'm not one of those moms who feel I have to get my hands involved in my kidlet's projects. When I see other mom's trying to "perfect" their children's artwork or adjust things for their kids along the way, I just want to give them a giant flick in the forehead. Is that bad??

Anyway, we snipped out the proper house shapes by the light of the floor lamp in the living room, in our jammies & freshly showered.

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