Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Diary Day 31: Fabric Houses Part 4: FINISHED!

Dear summer diary,
YAY! We finished the fabric houses!! After sewing on all the details yesterday, we sewed the front & back of the house together---wrong sides facing each other. We stitched up all the sides, but left the bottom open for stuffing. After stuffing the houses, I turned the bottom edges in & sewed along that edge. Done!

And look at these happy faces! Honestly, these girls have struggled these past few days. Being kinda little stinkers & not into the project. But I pushed them through because I KNEW they'd be so happy in the end. And they were! They immediatley played with their little houses when they were done sewing.
Pazely needed a little more help with her house, but Zoey pretty much sewed hers all by herself!

These little housese make me seriously squeal so much! I decided that I would like some giant house pillows for the couch. So, I'll have to make those later on my own.
These houses were inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest, which came from the blog Syko.


  1. i LOVE these! i've seen them around and they are on my to-do list! so cute. thanks for the inspiration

  2. those turned out great!

  3. smashing project, beautiful results! well done you lot!

  4. Those are the cutest things I've ever seen. Do I have the stamina to make these with my little ones??? eeek. We'll see.
    I'm keeping a summer diary, too! You inspire me in a big way. :)

  5. Love those! I would like on with some weight in it as a door stop! Also love the little ones sewing! My daughter showed an interest at 2 1/2, so I put her on a phone book and showed her how to do a straight stitch! Now, she is in college majoring in costume design!


  6. the houses are adorable! May have to make these with my daughter!
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. Those fabric houses couldn't be cuter! Your girls are adorable too!


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