Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Diary Day 33: Pencil Eraser Painting

Dear summer diary,
The girls weren't totally into the project today, but they played along anyway. I've seen this sorta painting done before, but just recently saw it done with rubber stamp ink on Pinterest. Very adorable done that way---& I love the rainbow ink pad! (That's a much cleaner version than ours.) I don't have rubber stamp ink pads. We opted for acrylic paints & had some messy fun.

I even got Pazely's birthday party invites painted up! Her polka-dot themed party has taken a mild detour. After planning a polka-dotted theme (on paper & in my head & even after ordering plates, napkins & straws), the Mr. & I decided to rent out the community pool for her party instead. It's gonna be a hot day & we want the kids to have some cool fun. So it's less polka-dotty & more....well, wet.

I've picked up several more hours at work to help out at the newspaper, & that means I get a tiny bit less summer fun time with my girls. I'll have to work extra hard to squeeze some organized fun into our days...

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