Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Diary Day 37: We took a day off!

Dear summer diary,
Today I kinda took a break from preparing something "fun" per se. But fun was still had. Funny how that happens. It started out as kind of a funky weird day, but then it turned good, but then it got weird again & I don't know. I'm ready to knit in bed & get cozy with a movie.
Things began to get all wonky with worship at church this morning. I lead the worship team on the keyboards & vocals. And my voice was all groggily & the instrument/microphone sound was not set properly & sometimes I feel like I am singing to a group of mannequin-like human shapes. I tried my bestest. I wish I could sing behind a giant sheet.
Then, I tried to listen to the sermon, but got sidetracked in my thoughts: thinking of things I had to do, & thinking of my grandmother & thinking of the eggs I had to boil for the macaroni salad we were bringing to a BBQ after church.

The BBQ was amazing. My friend Pedro makes the most tasty burgers. A big group of us played Dance Central on Kinect. I am a horrible dancer. But I wasn't always. We set up a tournament ---brackets with elimination & everything. Sometimes it's humbling & necessary to make a fool of yourself in front of your friends every once in a while. I've been working on eating healthy & have lost 9 pounds since being back from Washington. I'm feeling all sassy & skinny. But I know for certain it's all in my head. That Kinect thing shows your silhouette while you're dancing & also takes pictures of you. I just looked like a blob. Gross. More motivation for me is all that was.
We left our crowd of friends & came home. Exhausted after my dance battle, I decided to take a nap. And then I woke up to the same gang of friends at the WhiMSy love house playing Monopoly.

The kids have had a blast playing all day with their friends.  And dancing on Kinect. And racing on Wii. And eating watermelon. And M&M's. And sandwiches on the kitchen floor. (All the guys are using the chairs to play Monopoly.) And playing Legos & Littlest Pet Shops. And watching Matilda.

I'm trying to get Pazely's invitations addressed & sent out. But having trouble collecting addresses to kids I don't know. And the printer is being a pain. I think I should wait until tomorrow to tackle that project.

I need to take the ponytail out of my head. I put a ponytail in Pazely's hair this morning & she BEGGED me to wear one in mine. It's not my favorites style, but I did it for my 6 year old.

I'm feeling all jumbly inside & nothing I think to do sounds satisfying. It's that restless feeling.

And, really, this post has nothing to do with summer or what excellent exciting thing we did today. But that's how some days go I suppose...


  1. sister friend-i hope you get a break! sometimes days are just off because i think somethings just askew in the air and there's nothing you can do about it.

    hope today is better and that you're feeling up to your usual fantastically fun self. and you know what they say about off days, "eat more ice cream" they do and they also say it's calorie free.

    prayers for you!

  2. I can relate, you just feel unsettled nothing is right...but nothing is really wrong either, you are just ...half a bubble off plumb. And your brain won't stop running circles. Yep I have been there too and yay on the weight loss and the pony tail.


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